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Repeat for, do, while, etc. Specifically, characters will be included if the 'tabstop' option is set to the default of 8, 'expandtab' is not set, and if neither the foldcolumn nor the line numbers are The following example toggles list, then sets listchars to not display an end-of-line character, and to display > for the first character occupied by a tab, and - for any subsequent FVWM CONFIGURATION FILES *fvwm.vim* *ft-fvwm-syntax* In order for Vim to recognize Fvwm configuration files that do not match the patterns *fvwmrc* or *fvwm2rc* , you must put additional patterns appropriate to http://patricktalkstech.com/general/cache-s5vle5gssmj-fix-errors-com.html

doxygen_my_rendering 0 Disable rendering of HTML bold, italic and html_my_rendering underline. To use UTF-16 and UTF-32 instead, use: :let g:html_charset_override = {'ucs-4': 'UTF-32', 'utf-16': 'UTF-16'} Note that documents encoded in either UTF-32 or UTF-16 have known compatibility problems with at least one Example: :call AntSyntaxScript('perl', 'perl.vim') will install syntax perl highlighting for the following ant code See |mysyntaxfile-add| for installing script COBOL *cobol.vim* *ft-cobol-syntax* COBOL highlighting has different needs for legacy code than it does for fresh development.

Highlight command |:highlight| 13. It loads any | filetype.vim files found. This choice should be appropriate for most users most of the time because Fortran 95 is a superset of Fortran 90 and almost a superset of Fortran 77. To use this option, use: :let g:html_hover_unfold = 1 Setting html_no_foldcolumn with html_dynamic_folds will automatically set html_hover_unfold, because otherwise the folds wouldn't be dynamic.

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  2. Assuming your color database is located in /usr/X11/lib/X11/, you should add the line :let rgb_file = "/usr/X11/lib/X11/rgb.txt" to your .vimrc file.
  3. Syntax file remarks *:syn-file-remarks* *b:current_syntax-variable* Vim stores the name of the syntax that has been loaded in the "b:current_syntax" variable.
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  6. To restrict the conversion to a range of lines, use a range with the |:TOhtml| command, or set "g:html_start_line" and "g:html_end_line" to the first and last line to be converted.
  7. Use ":gui -f" then. *g:syntax_on* You can toggle the syntax on/off with this command: :if exists("g:syntax_on") | syntax off | else | syntax enable | endif To put this into a

C *c.vim* *ft-c-syntax* A few things in C highlighting are optional. LACE *lace.vim* *ft-lace-syntax* Lace (Language for Assembly of Classes in Eiffel) is case insensitive, but the style guide lines are not. NOTE: The syntax files on MS-DOS and Windows have lines that end in . This tip shows several ways to highlight unwanted whitespace.

Joined October 2009 © 2016 Twitter About Help Terms Privacy Cookies Ads info Dismiss Close Previous Next Close Go to a person's profile Saved searches Remove Verified account @ Suggested users but no spaces before a c_no_bracket_error don't highlight {}; inside [] as errors c_no_curly_error don't highlight {}; inside [] and () as errors; except { and } in first column AlignSection(regex) range let extra = 1 let sep = empty(a:regex) ? '=' : a:regex let maxpos = 0 let section = getline(a:firstline, a:lastline) for line in section let pos = match(line, The name convention is: "{name}.vim".

Register Start a Wiki Advertisement Vim Tips Wiki Navigation On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Images Chat Community portal To do Contribute Edit this Page Add a Video Add If your goal is to: highlight trailing whitespace in red have this highlighting not appear whilst you are typing in insert mode have the highlighting of whitespace apply when you open A predefined enhanced color mode for FORM is available to distinguish between header statements and statements in the body of a FORM program. To avoid errors you could modify part of the settings above to make sure clearmatches() is an available function (apparently available in 7.2+).

You can change this by opening a file and turning on HTML/OS syntax by doing the following: :set syntax=htmlos Lastly, it should be noted that the opening and closing characters to For setting up your own colors syntax highlighting see |syncolor|. If you have a long "#if 0" construct it will not be highlighted correctly. But not "TRUE", for example, because this is not in the ANSI standard.

If you want Vim to overrule your settings with the defaults, use: :syntax on *:hi-normal* *:highlight-normal* If you are running in the GUI, you can get white text on a black It adds a few keywords that are generally ignored by most versions. Try again or visit Twitter Status for more information. To disable case-sensitive highlighting, add the following line to your startup file: :let dtd_ignore_case=1 The DTD syntax file will highlight unknown tags as errors.

Usually this works just fine. aye-yah, how come it took so long for me to learn about this?!Highlight unwanted spacesvim.wikia.comIt can be hard to maintain consistent use of whitespace characters (space and tab). These use a highlight group named ExtraWhitespace which could be defined with one of the following in yourvimrc. :help:highlight :highlight ExtraWhitespace ctermbg=red guibg=red " The following alternative may be less obtrusive. have a peek here If the "filetype_csh" variable exists, the filetype will be set to the value of the variable.

let w:whitespace_match_number = matchadd('ExtraWhitespace', pattern) endif endfunction Retrieved from "http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Highlight_unwanted_spaces?oldid=37669" Categories: VimTip Syntax Add category Cancel Save Also on Fandom Random Wiki Games Movies TV Explore Wikis Follow Us Overview About Setting eiffel_pedantic will enforce adherence to the Eiffel style guidelines fairly rigorously (like arbitrary mixes of upper- and lowercase letters as well as outdated ways to capitalize keywords). The Inform compiler will flag certain obsolete keywords as errors when it encounters them.

BufNewFile,BufRead /etc/X11/fvwm2/* let b:fvwm_version = 2 | \ set filetype=fvwm If you'd like Vim to highlight all valid color names, tell it where to find the color database (rgb.txt) on your

Wants a hug. syntax/2html.vim" +"wq" +"q" $f; done ABEL *abel.vim* *ft-abel-syntax* ABEL highlighting provides some user-defined options. Don't have an account? Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

This makes only sense if you actually have Javadoc comments that include either Javascript or embedded CSS. The 'listchars' option can be used to customize the way whitespace characters are shown. To enable them assign any value to the respective variable. For example, to make Vim identify all files in /etc/X11/fvwm2/ as Fvwm2 configuration files, add the following: :au!

This will cause the wrong default highlighting to be used. Note that using html_hover_unfold will allow modern browsers with disabled javascript to view closed folds. Sign up 0x2ba22e11's profile Richard Barrell @0x2ba22e11 Richard Barrell @0x2ba22e11 Richard Barrell in meatspace. When a language is a superset of another language, it may include the other one, for example, the cpp.vim file could include the c.vim file: :so $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/c.vim The .vim files are

CYNLIB *cynlib.vim* *ft-cynlib-syntax* Cynlib files are C++ files that use the Cynlib class library to enable hardware modelling and simulation using C++. With the following in your vimrc, the command will be applied to the first window, and to any subsequent windows. Synchronizing |:syn-sync| 11. s:ToggleWhitespaceMatch(mode) let pattern = (a:mode == 'i')? '\s\+\%#\@

For this reason, another option is provided: html_hover_unfold. If fortran_fold, and possibly fortran_fold_conditionals and/or fortran_fold_multilinecomments, have been set, then vim will fold your file if you set foldmethod=syntax. Create your user directory from 'runtimepath', see above. 2. The special Javadoc tags (@see, @param, ...) are highlighted as specials and the argument (for @see, @param, @exception) as Function.

If a color scheme is | | defined it is loaded again with ":colors {name}".