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Developer Guides For more information about using cameras, read the Camera developer guide. final boolean enableShutterSound(boolean enabled) Enable or disable the default shutter sound when taking a picture. release Added in API level 1 void release () Disconnects and releases the Camera object resources. The one exception is that if the preview surface texture is not set (or set to null) before startPreview() is called, then this method may be called once with a non-null

But sometimes, installing these updates causes your computer to turn the whole screen blue as you restart it. Parameters cameraId int: the hardware camera to access, between 0 and getNumberOfCameras()-1. Not the answer you're looking for? Applications should not call startSmoothZoom again or change the zoom value before zoom stops.

By default, the * Camera object is locked. Callbacks from other methods are delivered to the event loop of the thread which called open(). void setParameters(Camera.Parametersparams) Changes the settings for this Camera service. There are known websites on the internet and you have to find them to ensure reliability.

For details and restrictions, see the Content License. Parameters:callbackBuffer - the buffer to add to the raw image callback buffer queue. Important: Pass a fully initialized SurfaceHolder to setPreviewDisplay(SurfaceHolder). Sign in android / platform / frameworks / base.git / 9066cfe9886ac131c34d59ed0e2d287b0e3c0087 / . / core / java / android / hardware / Camera.javablob: 106c9200b680c9fd020b13f0c2723ed0b4ed4a11 [file] [log] [blame]/* * Copyright (C) 2008

final void setPreviewTexture(SurfaceTexture surfaceTexture) Sets the SurfaceTexture to be used for live preview. So the users can see themselves as looking into a mirror. Then preview callback is invoked with the buffer. Nonetheless, if you only have limited RAM space, you might need to purchase additional RAM chips if you'd like to continue using your personal computer smoothly.

After focus completes, face detection will resume sending face callbacks. Parameters cb Camera.AutoFocusMoveCallback: the callback to run setDisplayOrientation Added in API level 8 void setDisplayOrientation (int degrees) Set the clockwise rotation of preview display in degrees. Below are some of the errors and fixes you must know about. Reload to refresh your session.

false : true, mCamera); return; case ERROR_CALLBACK: Log.e(TAG, "Error " + msg.arg1); if (mErrorCallback != null) mErrorCallback.onError(msg.arg1, mCamera); return; default: Log.e(TAG, "Unknown message type " + msg.what); return; } } } If the apps call autoFocus(AutoFocusCallback), the camera will stop sending face callbacks. interface Camera.ShutterCallback This interface was deprecated in API level 21. previewEnabled public final boolean previewEnabled() Return current preview state.

final void notifyAll() Wakes up all threads that are waiting on this object's monitor. String toString() Returns a string representation of the object. It takes you from a simple means to gain access to the camera to complex video capture and sharing examples. For example, if you use the camera and auto-focus feature, your Manifest should include the following: To take pictures with this class, final void startFaceDetection() Starts the face detection.

If this method has never been called, null will be returned by the raw image callback since there is no image callback buffer available. Using this method, the shutter sound can be disabled. FIXME: Unhide before release setPreviewCallback public final void setPreviewCallback(Camera.PreviewCallbackcb) Installs a callback to be invoked for every preview frame in addition to displaying them on the screen. reconnect public final void reconnect() throws java.io.IOException Reconnects to the camera service after another process used it.

You must call release() when you are done using the camera, otherwise it will remain locked and be unavailable to other applications. Throws: java.io.IOException - if a connection cannot be re-established (for example, if the camera is still in use by another process). The starting position is 0 (landscape).See Also:setPreviewDisplay(SurfaceHolder) setZoomChangeListener public final void setZoomChangeListener(Camera.OnZoomChangeListenerlistener) Registers a listener to be notified when the zoom value is updated by the camera driver during smooth zoom.

Parameters:degrees - the angle that the picture will be rotated clockwise.

The camera service will initiate a series of callbacks to the application as the image capture progresses. Didn't you find the solution you were looking for? interface Camera.ErrorCallback This interface was deprecated in API level 21. There is no need to call this after recording starts or stops.

staticint CAMERA_ERROR_SERVER_DIED Media server died. If you are not recording video, you probably do not need this method. Only valid after startPreview() has * been called. * * @param cb the callback to run */ public final void autoFocus(AutoFocusCallback cb) { mAutoFocusCallback = cb; native_autoFocus(); } private native final If modifications are made to the returned Parameters, they must be passed to setParameters(Camera.Parameters) to take effect.

Get existing (default) settings with getParameters().